Marker training helps you keep clear and consistent communication with your learner (your dog). Plus it keeps it as easy as possible for your dog to understand what you want. A marker can be a clicker or a verbal marker. Remember it should be the same sound every time.

This sound your dog will learn the meaning of quickly and that sound equals good things (treats) and their behavior is something you like and want to see more of.

  • To make the marker start to bridge the sound equaling something good (the treat)
  • Make the sound or click and toss a treat. Repeat 10 times and take a break, come back and repeat again.
  • The next session, begin the same way, pause if your dog looks up at you, mark and treat (still toss away). Now, you will mark and treat when you dog looks back up at you. Use the remaining treats and when you come back you will be looking for “check-ins”.