Are you ready to feel better with your pup? 

Idaho’s only Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer

No Pain

No Fear

No Punishment 

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Life skills your dog can’t live without, helping you connect and communicate what you WANT your dog TO DO.

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Fitness foundations perfect for any dog – puppy, senior, or canine athlete! This program requires minimal equipment. Improve your dog’s balance, mobility, and overall body condition.

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Are you ready to help, learn and understand your reactive, over the top, barky, lungy dog? This online course is the place to do just that.

Are you?

    passionate about cultivating more kindness?

    more positivity in the world?

    want to feel better and do better?

    willing to learn?

    take yourself less serious?

    help your pup with each of their L.E.G.S?

    have more fun?

    get more present?

    building a stronger body, mind and spirit, with your pup?


    Helping People Through Their Dogs and Dogs Through Their People

    Group Classes

    dog group fitness class

    Fitness PUP 

    4 week in-person group class

    • How to engage your pup?
    • Strengthen your pup?
    • Build a new connection?
    • Get your pup in shape?
    • Have fun?

    Your pup doesn’t need CrossFit or to be the fastest. Your pup needs to learn how to use their body, learn where their body is in relation to their movement, engage and bond with you, prevent injuries, build lifelong skills and enjoy working with you! Class starts Spring of 2024 at The P.U.P (2735 E. Kuna Rd. Kuna 83634).

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    Manners with fitness twist 

    5 week in-person group class

    • How to engage your pup?
    • Read and understand your pup?
    • Build a new connection?
    • Teach your pup skills?
    • Have fun?

    This is the perfect option. Starting Spring of 2024 The P.U.P (2735 E. Kuna Rd. 83634).  Skills we will cover but not limited to proper body mechanics and movement, leash walking, start to stay/wait and recall.

    group class at park

    Paddle Board PUP

    4 week in-person group class

    Help your pup learn the skills to be comfortable on the Paddle Board. Teach them how to get off and on get used to the motion on the board in the water. Class starts Summer 2024 at The P.U.P in Kuna  2735 E. Kuna Rd. 83634. If you’re dog has a life jacket please bring it.

    Please have harness or flat collar for your pup, bring treats and wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can move in!

    Potential Unleashed Pool (p.u.p)

    2735 E. Kuna Rd. 83634

    A pool just for our pups! A safe place for them to learn to swim, get better at swimming, build their skills, confidence and have fun while doing it. Only your household dogs at the pool for your scheduled time. 




    Servicing Meridian, Kuna, Eagle and Boise, Nampa area

    Victoria Stilwell Academy Graduate & Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer

    Positive, Science-based training methods

    Online Courses

    “Thank you again for helping me with Colby. This is our last day at the beach, and the circling has been helping a ton. He has even started doing circles by my side without me prompting as soon as he sees/gets excited by dogs or people walking by. I’ve even gotten him to the point were he will sit and stay why a person/dog walks by and he’s actually greeted a few dogs without any excitement.”

    Amy and Colby

    My take-away from our time together was that I needed the training as much, or more, than Buddy. I was not familiar with training a dog and the steps needed to teach a dog. I have learned how to communicate with my dog so that he is in the best position to listen. He has benefited from the training because you taught me how to teach him and because of the time I spent with him, he loves one-on-one interactions and learning

    Jennifer and Buddy

    She taught me so much about how to train my rescue pup. The difference is like night and day. I’m so grateful to her for teaching me how to understand Mavis’s needs and how her mind works.

    Helen and Mavis

    As part of the training, Brittni gave us the tools needed to better understand our dog and provided us coaching that taught us specific actions we could take when he does start to escalate that helps calm and refocus him.

    Matt and Bronco