Why is your pup biting?

Are they Tired?

Manic biting directed at anyone or anything. Often with zoomies and gets worse if you try to stop or hold pup.

What To Do:

Build nap time into your pups day especially after big exciting activities.

Are they Hungry?

Looking for anything and everything to eat. They can’t seem to settle to sleep. Their mouth may be sore due to teething.

What To Do:

Check the amount of food your pup should be getting. You can soak their food if teething.

Are they Feeling Uncomfortable?

When pup is startled, in pain, restrained or discomfort, they will have quick targeted bites to the thing causing it. Pup stops when the thing stops,

What To Do:

Go at pups pace with lots of rewards and don’t force things.

Are they Bored?

Grabbing in greeting when you return. Uses biting to get your attention (good or bad it’s still attention to them). Often destructive with other objects.

What To Do:

Meet your pup’s needs: sleep, nutrition, enrichment, exercise and communication. Don’t leave pup alone for too long.

Are they Overexcited in Play?

Pup gets out of control while playing and starts grabbing at hands, arms etc. either intentionally or accidentally.

What To Do:

Play STOPS if teeth touch skin. If pups continues to go for hands or arms, human walks away. Use long tug toys and keep play short.

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Have a great day!