5 Fun Easter Activities to Share with Your Pup

April 9 is Easter this year! Soon we’ll see blooming lilies and poppies (hopefully), and it’ll be time for Easter festivities! Easter is a beautiful and colorful holiday that I enjoy spending more time outside. Running around, playing, spending time with the whole family. 

I love sharing this hoppy time with our pups too. If you’re looking for ways to get your pet in on the Spring and Easter festivities, try some of these.

Paw Print Garden Stepping Stones or Rocks 

If you have a green thumb or enjoy beautifying the outside of your home, you’ll love this one. Painting, paw-printing and decorating rocks or stepping stones is fun for the whole family.

If you’re decorating rocks, you’ll probably find them for free in your garden or neighborhood. If you’re making a decorative stepping stone, there are lots of kits online, too. Just make sure they are made of pet-safe materials.

Let your imagination run wild! Colorful paint and other objects like crystals, colored rocks, marbles or a wonderful tag, can be added to cement kits to really give your stepping stones a unique flair!


A Doggy Photo Booth

Where are my party people? Who doesn’t love a photo shoot? Ok, maybe not always the getting ready, but being about to look back on the photos is a favorite of mine. 

Level up your photo game with some cool Easter or Spring-inspired accessories, flowers, pastel backgrounds, balloon arches, banners, bowties, bandanas, and other fun photo props that can bring your pup’s pics to a whole new level. And it includes your pup in the seasonal fun!


Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Hop into this fun and affordable tradition! Host a doggy Easter egg hunt in your home or outdoors. You’ll need plastic Easter eggs and small, healthy treats. 

For the Easter eggs, make sure you grab sizes that are appropriate for the pups. You also want eggs that have small holes in them so pups can sniff out the treats inside.

Put 1 or 2 small treats in each egg and “hide” them (place them out). You can make a few more challenging by placing them higher then their nose or under something they might not normally go under. (Make sure it won’t fall or scare your pup.)  

Just keep in mind that this is not a good activity for pups who chew on plastic or who crunch things up enthusiastically.  Closely supervise the activity to keep it safe, and watch for any signs of aggression between pups, dogs who start chewing on the plastic instead of the treat, multiple pups going for the same egg, pups who look lost or need some guidance, etc. You can also play this a few times and give each pup a turn. 


New Physical or Enrichment Activity 

Spring is about coming back to life after a winter’s sleep. Nature awakens, people refresh their living spaces, and it’s a great time to give your pup something new, too.

Try a new activity with them. Walking a new route, enrolling in a training class, teaching new “tricks,” having playdates, going to a swimming spot, try a fitness class.

You can also refresh some of your pup’s belongings. A new bed will spruce up your home for spring and give your pup something new to sniff and cuddle into. We also toss out old toys that might not be as enjoyable and get new fun ones (besides the weekly rotation).

Easter Egg Dog Treats 

It’s no secret. Most pups love peanut butter! I know mine will take turns licking it off each others noses. 

Try this cute and tasty egg-shaped dog treat. Completely melt equal parts peanut butter and coconut oil in the microwave or on the stove. Stir and then pour it in a silicone egg-shaped mold (ours will be bone shape. Pop them in the fridge or freezer for about 2 hours and voila! You have crave-worthy treats! 

Safety Tip! Always check the labels on ingredients, to avoid foods or additives that are dangerous for pets and people. If an ingredient is unfamiliar to you, look it up online. For example, some peanut butter brands contain xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic (even deadly) to pets. And, of course, some people are allergic to peanuts, so ask before stuffing someone else’s Easter basket!


What are you going to do to make this season extra special for your pups? Send me a message and let me know!