My Imperfect Gratitude Practice

The changing leaves, the dog hair tumbleweeds blowing in the early morning crisp fresh air of the open windows while enjoying a nice hot cup of pumpkin spiced mocha with dog snuggles! I work on not jumping right into my work day and work on My Imperfect Gratitude Practice.  

As we’re in the seasons of pumpkins, scarves and cinnamon-scented everything (what a great time of year) I always find myself reflecting on everything I’m so grateful for in my life and business.

Maybe it’s the energy of the season of Harvest or the warm Thanksgiving vibes. You’ve probably heard or seen the word ‘gratitude’ a lot recently in your favorite magazines, blogs and TV shows and social feeds… There’s a whole lot of science that points to the act of gratitude being good for us humans. (Ever wonder if it’s the same for our pets?) 

The data shows that when we have a ‘practice’ (a regular habit) of expressing gratitude – we are likely to be more happy and less depressed… even if our mental health is already suffering [] Most days I have to remind myself that it’s a practice and not perfection, I should be taking this time for myself for all the reasons and so should you.

Practicing gratitude actually changes our brain! Here are some fascinating gratitude facts: 

It can be a ‘natural’ antidepressant

Expressing gratitude not only to others but also to ourselves, induces positive emotions, primarily happiness… The effects of gratitude, when practiced daily can be almost the same as medications. It produces a feeling of long-lasting happiness and contentment, the physiological basis of which lies at the neurotransmitter level.” []

It’s good for brain, body, relationships and mood:

“Simple practices like maintaining a gratitude journal (which research has shown to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and build emotional awareness), complimenting the self, or sending small tokens and thank you notes can make us feel a lot better and enhance our mood immediately.” []

“In the past two decades, a growing body of evidence in the field of social science has found that gratitude has measurable benefits for just about every area of our lives. Gratitude appears to contribute substantially to individual well-being and physical health.” []

It takes time, but the effects are long-lasting:
“Individuals in the gratitude group reported better mental health than the others four weeks after the writing activities, and this difference in mental health became even larger 12 weeks after the writing activities.” []

“A study of this practice found that people who wrote down three things that had gone well in their day and identified the causes of those good things were significantly happier and less depressed, even six months after the study ended.” []

One of the things I am the most grateful for every day is the ability and privilege to do this job. Working with pups and their humans is a life-long dream. I want everyone to have the enjoyment and understanding of needs and help each other in fun and exciting ways. But, alongside my family and own pups, it can keep me so busy that expressing my gratitude for everything and to everyone can sometimes get overlooked.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity – in this season of thanks – to share a few things I’m most thankful for right now. 

  1. The support of The P.U.P in its first season, the willingness and fun the dogs and humans had. 
  2. Getting to share my passion and knowledge of the canine fitness world and thinking about the difference that has made all the wonderful impact it’s going to have in this valley! 
  3. Family and friends, new and old! This year has been an amazing year in adding (and removing) people in my life, and I’m so grateful for the ones who have made an impact and stuck it out with me.

I’d love to know what’s got you feeling #blessed too

What’s got you feeling some kind of wonderful? Have you started or maintained a gratitude practice? If so, I’d love to know more about it! Get in touch with me or DM me on Facebook or Instagram to share your secrets!

P.S. Just remember, wherever you’re ready, I’m here to help you and your pup. It’s my absolute pleasure to be your canine fitness support when you need me!