Here’s some fun ideas for you and your pup to do together and have a blast!

Fun Ways You and Your Pup Can Have a Blast Together and Express Individuality

Fitness! That’s right, you and your pup can have a blast doing canine fitness together! It’s so much more than building muscles.

Enjoying fun canine fitness activities with your pup not only strengthens your bond of togetherness but also is a great way to add physical and mental stimulation to your pup’s life, which promotes overall good health, of course. My pup’s love their canine fitness times. Whether you have a new puppy or old faithful by your side there are plenty of ways to express yourself and have FUN with your pup!

Have an Instagram-worthy photoshoot while doing fitness. Ask your pup to place their front feet up in pose around town with a little character, and you’re bound to get all the Instagram likes plus this helps your pup’s balance, body awareness, and stability. (Don’t forget that selfie). 🙂

Have fun with puppyGo on a walking tour of your city or just a different place. Play tourist in your own town! We enjoy just going to different neighborhoods and using different large rocks and logs to play on. Even some playgrounds that still allow pups, this is so good for problem solving, confidence building, engaging their brain and you having fun seeing what your pup can do when asked. Please make sure you know your pup’s stress signals and you are listening to them.

Netflix and nap. Rainy days or those really windy days don’t mean you can’t have fun with your pup! All you need is the comfiest spot on the couch, a canine-friendly flick and a few hours to nap the afternoon away. You both can enjoy and benefit from it, I promise!

Grab a puppuccino. This off-the-menu item is a bit cheesy, but chances are your dog will love it. Take it with you when you go on your next adventure, don’t forget to take a picture or two and share it, everyone loves seeing a pup with a puppuccino while standing on something fun doing fitness! As long as your dog is dairy-tolerant, you’ll have a coffee companion for life.

Plan a pup fitness party. How long has it been since you’ve been together with all of your dog-loving friends? Plan a fitness party for the pups. It gives the humans a different way to bond and connect with their pups. It gives the pups a new way to use the behaviors they already know. We would be happy to spend an hour teaching and helping at your pup’s fitness party, reach out!