What are your dog’s needs and are they being met?

Every dog is different and their needs will be too. (we will be talking more about these in future blogs)

But let’s get started with some foundations and work from there for your dog and making sure their needs have been met.

Sleep​ – Is the dog getting enough?

Is it good quality?

Where is their bed situated (somewhere high traffic or somewhere they can actually rest)?

Nutrition​ – what is the dog eating? Is it balanced?

Are you feeding enough?

At what times?

Enrichment​ – Are you providing enough appropriate chews? Are you feeding from puzzle toys?

Does the dog get the opportunity to do low arousal enrichment?

Exercise​ – How much physical exercise is the dog getting? Too little? Too much?

Training ​- How much training is the dog getting? What type of training?

How long are the training sessions?

How many sessions in a day?