Born and raised on an Idaho farm, my journey with dogs began as soon as I took my first steps. Dogs have been my constant friends, and their boundless love and compassion has left an unforgettable mark on my life.

My approach goes beyond traditional training methods. I focus on understanding the human-dog dynamic, delving into behavior, body, breed specifics, and the transformative power of fitness. It’s about looking at the whole picture, deciphering what the dog is telling us, and creating a beautiful relationship that meets everyone’s needs while having fun and keeping things simple.

Fitness, to me, is not just a component; it’s a game-changer. It surpasses physical health, impacting mental well-being, preventing behavior issues, and offering a complete outlook for our pups.

Fitness is the missing piece that transforms the relationship between dogs and their people. Regardless of age, breed, or skill level, every dog can benefit from a fitness-focused approach. It’s not just about exercise; it’s about building a stronger bond, enhancing the quality of life, and unlocking the full potential within every dog.

In my world, the happiest home is where everyone’s needs are met, enjoyed, and together the relationship is unstoppable!

My mission is clear: to be the most supportive dog fitness instructor for committed dog parents who seek simplicity, fun, and a better relationship leading to longer, healthier lives for their beloved furry family members.

Join me on this transformative journey of helping people through their dogs and dogs through their people! Together, let’s unleash the full potential of the incredible bond we share with our pups. 🐶✨

outing with a happy grey face pup


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